Platinum Group Metals

Destructive and Non-Destructive Recovery

US Assets Recovery has a history of precious metals recovery from end of life equipment as well as active client process equipment.

Destructive recovery involves the extraction of precious metals from end of life equipment including vessels, tube bundles, heat exchangers and catalyst support systems.  In all cases, materials are recovered in a controlled process that includes cutting, leaching and verifying clean substrates. After the PGM materials are collected and refined, clients are reimbursed for their scrap.  Precious metal is transferred back to metal account of choice.

Non-Destructive recovery is performed both at client sites and at USAR's facility in Joplin, Missouri. USAR uses advanced chemistry and mechanical technologies to collect PGM's while avoiding damage to critical process equipment.  Whether on-site or at our Joplin, Missouri facility we can maximize the return of precious metal while maintaining the integrity of process heat train equipment.

Pt - Pd - Rh - Ir - Au - Ag