Platinum group metals and process efficiency

Nitric Acid


USAR has in-depth knowledge of every Nitric Acid technology provider process including Atmospheric, Low, Medium, Dual and High pressure footprints.  This knowledge is an important part of maximizing our client recoveries. 

USAR is part of United Recovery Services Group which was formed in 2012 in the State of Missouri as an L.L.C. by the ownership of three companies; US Assets Recovery, L.L.C. located in Joplin, Missouri, Power Cleaning Specialists, Inc. located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and BDB Dismantling, Ltd. located in Barnsley, United Kingdom. Through URSG, the three companies combine their 80 years of service and experience to the Nitric Acid industry. We leverage our experience with a trained workforce, technologies and full service capabilities for the recovery and refining of precious metals worldwide. URSG sister companies employ more than 130 employees globally.