Platinum group metals 


USAR’s proprietary process for liquid and hot gas refining is changing client expectations for filter returns. From filter removal to install, USAR has the answer to maximize client returns.

Filter Socks

Our proprietary process begins here. USAR custom manufactures filter socks to fit plant specific needs. USAR supplied filter socks capture airborne PGM's and is sealable on both ends. The Filter Sock is slipped over the cage during removal from the Pt filter vessel to contain PGM residuals during removal and transport to USAR.

Filter Disassembly and Processing

Our process continues upon arrival to USAR. Filters are handled in a unique manner engineered to eliminate fugitive PGM particles. Captured PGM is separated from the media without the use of high fire ovens and bag house collection systems.

Filter Refining - HYDRO–NOT-PYRO! 

USAR hydro-chemically refines to precipitate elemental Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium.


USAR holds client filters in inventory and repacks filters. Cages are inspected and repaired as needed.

 Filter Returns

Metal is returned to the clients' metal account of choice. USAR Filter Services consistently deliver returns as high as 20+% over baseline. Ask for a client reference.

Our World-Class, Secure Facility

USAR operates a secure facility with on-site law enforcement presence 24/7.  Clients are welcome and encouraged to view any and all parts of the recovery and refining process.